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20 Apr 2024 - 11 Syawal 1445 Ishak 20:19 Subuh 5:41
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Best Generation Revived 3 "Generation of Intelligence, Generation of Excellence"

[Event has ended]
Sat, 14 December 2013, 1.45 pm - 6.00 pm | English
Singapore Expo - Max Atria
Muhammadiyah Association, Youth Awakening Project

motivational talk

Fees: Free of charges (Registration needed)

In 2011 and 2012, Pemuda Muhammadiyah organised “Best Generation Revived 1 & 2” which aimed to motivate Muslim youths by introducing them to the Companions of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and their great contributions throughout the world. Over 800 participants have benefited from the previous 2 seminar.

This year we are pleased and committed to organise yet another ongoing event “Best Generation Revive 3!” which will elaborate in depth amongst 2 Companions, Abdullah Ibn Abbas and Abdullah Ibn Umar.

Dr Syed Khairudin Aljunied, Lecturer (NUS)
Dr. Maszlee Malik, Lecturer (IIUM)

Date: 14 December2013 (Saturday)

Time: 1.45pm - 6pm

Venue: Max Atria Auditorium (Singapore Expo) – 500 seating capacity

Our main target are youth and young adult.

Price: FREE Admission.

RSVP through SMS to confirm your turnout for this coming event.

To register SMS your
Bro Isa: 92951854
Bro Nazmi: 96994161
Bro Sumardi: 83010873


Singapore Expo - Max Atria

1 Expo Drive Singapore 486150


Youth Awakening Project
Muhammadiyah Association

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