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The Singapore Muslim Youth Debate - Grand Finals 2013

[Event has ended]

After many gruelling weeks of debates, two youth teams out of 16 teams finally emerged to be the finalist for the Singapore Muslim Youth Debate competition for 2013.

In this debate - the theme is : Cultural & Religious Diversity in Singapore is Tolerated But Not Celebrated

Have you ever encountered a non Muslim asking you, how come you don't celebrate Christmas or Chinese New Year or visit their temples? In Islam we are to only obey and pray to one God whom we referred to as Allah and hence it becomes very complicated when we tell our non Muslim counterpart that we cannot be part of their culture as we have this fear that it may lead to shirk. Because there will be various points in their culture, the actions and doings may be against Islamic Teachings.

We come to a point where we place this line between us and them and we tell them, believe whatever you wish to believe. And pray to whomever they wish to pray to. Just don't disturb us or cross our lines and we won't do it to you too. This has been tolerated among Singaporeans for a very long time.

There is much to debate about. Let's attend this one of a kind rare event happening this Saturday where we see youths fight it out via words, drama and action on stage.

Proposition: PRAXIS ( Mendaki & AMP Youths )

Opposition: NUS 1 ( NUS Muslim Undergraduates )

Watch the trailer here ..

The 16 teams..

The Singapore Muslim Youth Debate is an annual English debate competition organised by the Youths of Darul Arqam (YODA).

The Singapore Muslim Youth Debate (SMYD) is an annual English debate competition organised by the Youths of Darul Arqam (YODA*). It brings together youths from various schools, youth organisations and tertiary institutions in a battle of words and wit, on contemporary issues revolving around a particular theme.

The objectives of the debate competition are:
1. To encourage active social participation and instill skills in intellectual discourse, critical thinking and creativity among Muslim youths.
2. To forge a network of social interaction between the youth wings or groups of various Muslim organizations.

TMYD has started since 2010 and hopefully it will expand bigger every year, reaching out to more youths thus providing opportunities to develop skills in critical thinking, creativity and debate through this glorious competition.

*YODA is a youth wing under the Da'wah Division of the Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam)


The Singapore Muslim Youth Debate - Grand Finals 2013

Venue: Sultan Mosque Auditorium
Date: 28th September 2013
Time: 2pm to 5pm

Entrance is FREE! All are welcome to watch these youths battle it out to be the Grand Champion.

This event will be telecasted LIVE @


Sultan Mosque, Auditorium

3 Muscat Street, Singapore 198833


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