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SimplyArabic Conversational Course

[Event has ended]
Tue, 17 September 2013, 8 pm | English
152 Still Road, Singapore 423991
Abid Essalah

Fees: $210

Learning to speak Arabic can actually be enjoyable and fun! The SimplyArabic Conversational course has been specially designed for those who wish to acquire a basic proficiency in spoken Arabic.

The course imparts basic communicative skills in spoken Arabic and covers basic conversational topics for everyday situations from airport to hotel, eating to clothing, restaurant to shopping and more.
This short course provides conversational practices with important phrases and words that are commonly used by tourists, business travellers and people dealing with Arab travellers and visitors (e.g. sales and retail staff). In just 1 month the participant will learn enough Arabic phrases and words to conduct typical conversations with confidence. This course is conducted over 10 lessons.

No knowledge, exposure or familiarity to the Arabic language is required. Although this is a short course, it is important that the student has an interest to learn about the Arabic language, either for personal reasons (e.g. travel, etc) or otherwise (e.g. business, etc).

Students completing this course may then pursue the SimplyArabic Reading/Writing Course, and the SimplyArabic Certificate in Arabic Studies course.

- Individuals who are beginning an interest in learning the Arabic language.
- Individuals who intend to pursue a deeper study of the Arabic language - this course would be an excellent introduction to the language.
- Individuals who plan to travel to an Arabic-speaking country (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar, etc)
- Business professionals who are in liaisons with Arabic speakers, as the skills learned will enhance the association.
- Company staff that will be stationed in an Arabic speaking country or region.
- Retail staff who regularly or intermittently service Arabic-speaking clients.

Introduction & History of Arabic Language
Masculine & Feminine
Simple Writing
Arabic Numerals (1-1000)
Verbs & Nouns
Getting to know
Places Around Town
Directions & Instructions
At the Airport
In the Hotel
In the Restaurant
In the Bank
At the Post Office
The Hospital
In a Shopping Mall
A Holiday
Months & Seasons
Days and Timings
Islamic & Arabic Culture
Culture & relations in Arabic-speaking countries
Exercises, Games & Assessments



Commencement Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2013
Time: Tuesday, 8 pm to 10 pm, Saturday 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm.
Sessions: Twice a week - Tuesday & Saturday
Teacher: Sidi Abid Essalah
No. of Lessons: 10
Fee: $210 complete course fee (inclusive book & notes)

For enquiries: Call 65474407 or email [email protected]

Abid Essalah was born in Tunisia in 1978. He is a holder of BA in English language and literature from University of Tunis, Faculty of Human and social sciences. He has taught in several institutions in Tunisia. He works full-time at Simplyislam as Translator and Arabic language Consultant. He is native speaker of Arabic, and fluent in English and French.


152 Still Road, Singapore 423991

152 Still Road, Singapore 423991

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Abid Essalah


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