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Ummah Usrah (For Ladies)

[Event has ended]
Fri, 13 September 2013, 8pm - 10pm | English
26 Sin Ming Lane


Fees: $67

Bismillah ...

For the first time ever experience the past come alive!
One Ummah Usrah for ladies!
The 7 key steps to paradise.

-Have you ever wonder why Aishah (AS) is called Humaira'?

- Are you amazed by Asiah's (AS) strength in fighting her own husband who declared himself as god?

- Do you admire Maryam (AS) extraordinary life?

Allow yourself to experience their life.
Allow yourself to live life in honor.
Break yourself from the slavery of the world.

And let the energy of these supreme women blow within you.

In this 3-week impactful course, you will discover :

--> The wisdom of Aishah (AS) in spreading half of the Deen to the Ummah.

-->The servanthood of Rabiatul Adawiyah in her love towards Allah.

--> The 4 beautiful mothers of Prophet Muhammad (May peace & blessings be upon him) : Aminah Bint Wahab | Halimatus Sa'diah | Barakah Umm Aiman | Fatimah Bint Asad


✔ Day: Friday Nights

✔ Date: 13, 20 & 27 September 2013

✔ Time: 8pm-10pm

✔ Venue: 26 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City (Few Bus Stop away from Bishan MRT Station)

✔ Fee : $67 / 6 Dirhams

*Limited to only 30 seats*

Instructor :
Ustazah Su'aidah Salim
Founder of Soul Project
Educator & Speaker in spiritual growth of children, teens & youth
BA in Islamic Law (Al-Azhar, Cairo)
Spiritual Dowra Learning (Darul Az-Zahra', Tareem)
Wak Tanjong Islamic School (Singapore)


~ "Initially, I was really hesitant, but I was thinking why not, learn about the women of Allah. So I registered.
But.. You know what? I gained a lot more than that. Hearing the sisters share stories of their lives, what they are going through,how they are feeling.. How they are all relating it back to Allah swt, it's just amazing. Subhanallah. Makes me want to strive even harder to do every single thing for Allah's sake only.
So thank you. Alhamdulillah! " - Nur Fa'izah Jaafar, a madrasah graduates and a kindergarten teacher

~ "Alhamdulillah i finally feel strong now ever since your class started. Thats how much it has impacted me and my sister. Thanks ustazah for being so inspirational n admirable you are one of the nicest n best teacher ive ever had even in just a short period of time. If you could it would be so great if you can doa for us to take on this new phase of our life with ease and strength insya'Allah. Thank u again ustazah, semoga kamu diberkati Allah selalu dan selamat melahirkan cahaya mata yang menjadi penyejuk matamu:) "Edelia Izzati, an NTU students and currently works in the health industry

Register online here :


Soul Project

Soul Project is an Islamic Eeducation Centre catered to children and young generation. Our vision...


Ustazah Su'aidah Salim

The founder of Soul Project, Su'aidah Salim is an educator, motivational speaker and an active asati...


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