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Unleashing Excellence In Your Youth

[Event has ended]
Sat, 24 August 2013, 1pm-3pm | English
SimplyIslam Jurong East Branch
The Green Apple Project
Syed Muhammad Abu Bakar Al Jailani, Suryakenchana Omar

motivational talk

Fees: 45

Within every individual there is an innate potential for excellence. And in every youth there are natural gifts which are like hidden pearls just waiting to be discovered. We have heard of stories of child prodigies who found their geniuses at an early age. But how many of us realize that if such gifts hadn't been identified and nurtured by the parents, the child would grow up unaware of his or her potential? This session highlights the importance of a parent's role in seeing the best in the child and the impact on the child's growth and path towards self-fulfilment & also facilitating excellence in youth for the Dunya as well as akhirah. Strategies and tips covered are based on Islamic parenting methods from the Sunnah of Rasullulah(PBUH).

You will learn:

-> The importance of the parent's role in guiding the child towards his or her fullest potential
-> Practical ways to identify the unique gifts and talents in your child
-> How you can cultivate remarkable self-awareness in your youth
-> How to set up a positive environment in the home to support your youth's development
-> Strategies to help your youth make better and informed decisions about career and pursuing life ambitions


============ YOUR INVESTMENT =============

Awesome Investment: S$45 per pax per session
*Enjoy a special rate of S$35 per pax per session if you bring along two more persons

============ HOW TO REGISTER ============

We're making it easy in 3 simple steps:

1) Fill up this simple form by clicking on this link:

2) Make payment via the following:

* Bank transfer:
Payment to: TGAP
Account Type: POSB Savings
A/c no: 241-63241-5

(Note: Payment is to be made in full before the event date. For financial assistance, please do contact us at the above number)

3) Send a SMS or Whatsapp (Syed) to 92384937 with in this format;

4) LIKE our facebook page ( and keep your eyes peeled for special promotions that we will be offering for this workshop.


=========== DETAILS OF WORKSHOP ============

Venue: Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road #04-337
Date: 23 OR 24 August (Choose one day)
Time: 7.30pm- 10.30pm (Friday) OR 10am-1pm (Saturday)
(Refreshments provided)


Please feel free to contact me at 92384937 should you require more details.

You Can Only Be Better,

Syed Muhammad Abu Bakar
The Green Apple Project


SimplyIslam Jurong East Branch

Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road #04-337 Singapore 600135


The Green Apple Project


Syed Muhammad Abu Bakar Al Jailani, Suryakenchana Omar


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