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18 Feb 2019 - 13 JamadulAkhir 1440 Syuruk 7:17 Zuhur 13:20
18 Feb 2019 - 13 JamadulAkhir 1440 | Subuh 5:58 | Syuruk 7:17 | Zuhur 13:20 | Asar 16:37 | Maghrib 19:21 | Ishak 20:32
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Forum Nisfu Syaaban 'Fleksibiliti Dakwah Rasulullah s.a.w

[Event has ended]


- Maksud dakwah dalam perspektif Al-Quran & Al-Sunnah.
- Apakah ciri-ciri dakwah Rasulullah s.a.w ke arah kecemerlangan.
- Apakah fokus & teknik perundingan Rasulullah s.a.w


Assyakirin Mosque
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Assyakirin Mosque

550 Yung An Road, Singapore 618617


Masjid Assyakirin (Mosque)

Assyakirin Mosque was first built and declared open in 30th April 1978. Its mission is to serve...


Ustaz Syed Abdul Kadir Aljoofre
Ustaz Muhammad Zahid Muhd Zain

Ustaz Muhammad Zahid Muhd Zain received his primary education in Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiyah up t...

Ustaz Muhammad Nuzhan Abdul Halim

Ustaz Muhammad Nuzhan graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Quranic Exegesis and its Sciences fr...


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