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NS Workshop: Being A Muslim In NS

[Event has ended]
Mon, 11 February 2013, 0900 - 1400 | English
Masjid Al Abdul Razak


Fees: Free

Elder brothers who have gone through the thick and thin of NS life will share with others, especially the enlistees-to-be, on how to fulfil the obligations as a Muslim while in NS, especially in guarding the 5 daily prayers and maintaining the identity of a Muslim in such a new environment. Stories will be shared, and there will even be a practical session. Being a workshop that has gone on for around 10 years already, insha-Allah, those who attend this free workshop will benefit much. Insha-Allah.


To register, contact Sameer at 96698512 (preferably via SMS) or email him at [email protected], or drop a personal message on his FB Account (Sameer Bin Abdul Jalil). No fees will be charged for this workshop. While this is more for enlistees-to-be, those who are already halfway through NS can also attend, and even NSman and resevists are welcomed, as well as concerned fathers, uncles, and elder brothers.


Masjid Al Abdul Razak

30, Jalan Ismail, Singapore, Singapore 419285




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