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YODA Youth Forum 2012

[Event has ended]
Sat, 1 December 2012, 9 am - 6 pm | Malay
Dato' Adit Ghazali, Nuzulul Qadar Abdullah, Suraiya Abdul Rahman


The highly anticipated annual YODA Forum is here again!

This year, the theme for the forum is
'Understand worShip. Endure hardShip. Join the fellowShip.'

This theme encompasses the idea that Muslims are travelling on a voyage towards Allah, the ultimate return. Here, the ship represents worship that holds everyone on board together while the tides and waves represent the hardships that we face everyday. The sailors and crew form a fellowship which we depend on to survive in this world. Living with the right community is highly important as it influences our lives and builds the person we are today.

For this forum, YODA aims to let the participants understand that worship is not only confined to the physical manifestations of Islam. The activities planned in this forum will allow the participants see the beauty of worship and that every deed can be an act of worship. Additionally, it is hoped that the participants would realize that hardships make them stronger and that being united with the right people forms a dedicated Ummah.

Do join us for an experiential learning unlike any other! With speakers from diverse background, hands on activities and performances, this is surely something that you don't want to miss!

Bring your sisters, brothers, cousins and friends along! Discover the captain in you, with us! AYE! AYE! CAPTAIN!

Watch our trailer here!(http://youtube/GbbAoT48hmg)


Don your sailor hats and grab your compasses; join us on this Voyage for Paradise!

Register now at
Registration closes on 24th November 2012!

'I was lost at sea, until I found, You'


Darul Arqam (The Galaxy)

32 Onan Road, Singapore 424484


Darul Arqam (Muslim Converts Association)

The Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore actively serves to bridge everyone – regardless of...


Dato' Adit Ghazali, Nuzulul Qadar Abdullah, Suraiya Abdul Rahman


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