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Bunayya 2012 Space Outbreak! - a Young Muslims Camp

[Event has ended]
Sat, 10 March 2012, 8.00am | Malay
Outward Bound Singapore - Punggol

camp for children

Fees: $45


It is year 2345, and an epidemic has consumed the people on Earth. Hundreds of people are being left stranded to die, as the epidemic is without a cure. "Help! Help!", their frantic cries were left unheard. Doctors were at a loss at how to cure this deadly virus. There were rumors that the cure can only be found in a long lost book called Kanun At Tibb.

Kanun At Tibb has been stolen centuries ago and lost somewhere in the galaxy. Many have tried searching for it, but to no avail. Upon hearing their desperate pleas, Ibn Sina, as a father of modern medicine and a pious Muslim, came forward to offer his help.However, this was not a task for one man. Too many have lost their lives in the search for the book.

A group of heroes have pledged their help to Ibn Sina...

"Attention Muslim brothers and sisters, ages 9 to 11. We need your help to assist our leader, Ibn Sina to find the cure the virus. Help us save mankind... Ibn Sina needs you now! Join in the planet-hopping adventure at Bunayya 2012 on 10th and 11th March!"



Closing Date for Registration:
6th March 2012 (Limited Places Available)

How to Register:
Register ONLINE at
WALK-IN at Perdaus Bedok (Blk 125 Bedok North Rd #01-115) & Perdaus HongKah (Blk 364 Bkt Batok St 31 #01-259)

Camp Fees:
$45 only per participant ($5 off for Perdaus Student)

For enquiries, please call 65132300 or 65132315.



Formed in 1964, Perdaus has had a 50-year history of providing educational and leadership developmen...


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