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24 May 2024 - 15 Zulqaeda 1445 Maghrib 19:08 Ishak 20:22
24 May 2024 - 15 Zulqaeda 1445 | Subuh 5:34 | Syuruk 6:57 | Zuhur 13:03 | Asar 16:27 | Maghrib 19:08 | Ishak 20:22
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Sojourner Series: The Beginning of Guidance

[Event has ended]
Mon, 13 February 2012, 7.30 - 9.30 pm | English


Fees: Registration & Book: $40 (one time payment), Fee: $15/ mth

Engage with Imam Ghazali's advice in his well-celebrated book, The Beginning of Guidance.

This highly motivational manual details the fundamentals of acquiring guidance through God-consciousness (taqwa). The manual is laid out in the form of a detailed daily timetable which leaves one with a strong inspiration and much heart-rending counsel.

The three sections of this book are on obedience, refraining from disobedience, and the etiquette of companionship with the Creator and with creation.

Topics include:
~The etiquette of waking from sleep
~The etiquette of ablution
~The etiquette of setting out to mosque
~The etiquette of sleep

~Refraining from the sins committed with the limbs
~Refraining from sins of the heart

~The etiquette with Allah
~The etiquette of the student
~The etiquette of child with parents
~The etiquette of friendship


This interactive class is open to ages 17 - 45. Participants will be encouraged to share and discuss what they need and want to know to establish a good relationship with God and His creations.

Limited to 25 participants only.

For registration and enquiries, please call Sis Lieja at 96978876.


Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah Mosque

601 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 158787


Ustaz Leyaket Ali

Born in 1975 in Singapore, Ustadh Leyaket Ali studied through the primary and secondary school syste...


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