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Melabur Cara Islam

[Event has ended]
Sat, 2 July 2011, 12.30pm to 6pm | Malay
Hotel Concorde, Concorde Ballroom
Berita Harian

Fees: $58 per pax before 18 June 2011. $78 per pax after 18 June 2011

Muslims in Singapore first experience with Islamic finance came in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the launch of takaful products and subsequently a few syariah-compliant unit trusts.

This development was welcomed with open arms as it provided Muslims here with the ability to practice their faith according to the syariah and served an alternative to conventional products.

Unfortunately, this original excitement soon died down. Today, the concept of managing wealth in an Islamic way is slowly picking up again but faces key challenges such as the mindset of consumers.

This conference looks into the religious, product availability, opportunities and motivational aspects of Islamic Wealth management. How should Muslims here in Singapore face the challenge of adhering to their religious obligations but with the perceived lack of available Islamic products? Is there really a lack of Islamic products?

What are the available products presently? What are new investments opportunities that have arisen recently for Muslims? And how can Muslims change their mindset towards succeeding in the quest to accumulate wealth?
This is a conference for those who are interested to get answers to the above questions and to find out why we have now entered into a new era in terms of managing wealth based on Islamic principles.


SPEAKER 1 Ustaz Haron Hassan Akhtar: Muslims investors and Islamic perspectives
Language in Malay (20 mins)

The speaker will challenge you to have a different mindset on financial investments the Islamic way.
The speaker will also take a closer look at the common mistakes of Muslim community when planning for their financial needs . And the relation between Islam and investing.

Managing Wealth: An Islamic Perspective

a. Wealth in the eyes of Islam that needs to be managed properly and in accordance to syariah; Muslims must be reminded that riba and other haram activities in finance carries strong abomination, and is one of the great sins.

b. The Quran & Hadith sets out how one should manage their wealth "to seek the bounties of this earth"; Islam is also not against being rich; Muslims should not be niggardly and charity (compulsory & otherwise) which are central to the management of wealth.

c. But in the Singapore's context, Muslims have to grapple with the challenges of having operated in a conventional environment for the longest time; thus there is a need for a gradual and not abrupt move away from the current preference and towards managing one's wealth Islamically; there need to be a change in the mindset of consumers that as Muslims, returns should not be the all encompassing goal when managing one's wealth.


Haron Hassan Akhtar has extensive teaching experience. Some of the institutions he taught at previously included Madrasah Al-Junied Al-Islamiah, PERTAPIS (Singapore Theological Association), PERGAS (Singapore Scholars and Religious Teachers' Association), Muslim Converts' Association, IRCC Lecturer (Inter Religions and Confidence Circle Association).

Presently, he is a freelance religious teacher and he sits on HSBC Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Limited's Islamic Advisory Board (IAB). He has been a member since 2000. The Board provides advice and guidance on Shariah-related matters. HSBC Insurance conducts an internal Shariah review for the Board's inspection and confirmation that all its Takaful business process follow the common exercise practiced globally and thus comply with the highest level of Shariah requirements


The speaker will explain briefly the background of Islamic finance in Singapore so participants understand how we got to present state; to dispel notion that there is a lack of Islamic product services by doing comparison with conventional product/services; to emphasize that support of Muslims needed to make Islamic finance a success.

The past : What happened between 2000 and the present with respect to the development of Islamic products
The present: what has happened in recent time with regards to Islamic products/services; why we are now into a new era where there is a complete set of product/services to serve the needs of Muslim's when it comes to managing their wealth; comparison of what's available conventionally and Islamically
The future: why the future of Islamic products/services lie in the hands of consumers; the need to create more opportunities for Muslims to transact based on syariah i.e. micro-financing based on mudarabah, venture capital based on musyarakah, institutionalized lending based on qardu Hassan, Islamic pawn shops (ar rahn).


Sani Hamid currently holds the position of Director (Economy & Market Strategy) in Financial Alliance. He has 18 years of experience in the financial markets, having worked for companies such as S&P MMS, where he led a team of analyst covering Emerging Asian Economies, BNP Paribas Peregrine as a senior economist and Standard & Poor's as a sovereign analyst.

He has been widely quoted in the media throughout his career and has spoken at numerous international seminars on a range of topics. He holds a Masters of Social Sciences in Applied Economics (NUS) and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He has a Certificate of Attendance for the Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance (International Islamic University of Malaysia).He has a Certificate in Islamic Banking & Finance (International Islamic University of Malaysia)

Dr Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera MENYINGKAP RAHSIA PELABURAN EMAS (30 minutes) in Malay

As the interest in gold and silver continues to rise , it is imperative for the Muslims to understand these precious metals as investment tools vis a- vis our cultural ambit .
The understanding may lead to a wiser community in regards to precious metals , particularly in the ownership , the utilisation and distribution of gold and silver.

(a) Why invest in gold? The religious and conventional arguments.
(b) What is the best form of gold to invest in? real, paper gold, etc.
what are the differences.
(c) What are the risk involved in investing in gold eg with respect to
each type of gold investment - real, paper, etc?
(d) What are some of the dubious or scams out there which investors should
be aware of?

ABOUT THE SPEAKER : Dr Ahamed Kameel is Head of Department of Finance, Kulliyah of Economics and Management Sciences, International Islamic Universiti Malaysia.

He is the author of numerous articles and several books : The Islamic Gold Dinar , Poverty with many faces and Real Money



Speaker 4 : Encik Kevin Xayaraj Tay In English
CEO Sabana Real Estate
Investment Pte Ltd
Muslim Investors and Islamic REITs (20 mins)

Islamic Reits are becoming more popular. How can the Muslims take part in this growing investment.
- What is Reit?
- Overview of Singapore's Reit Market and different type of reit - industrial, office, commercial
- How is Reit different from investing in shares? What is dividend yield? How often does investor get dividend?
- What is Sabana reits?
- How is Syariah compliant Reit different from conventional one?
- Syariah Advisers For Sabana?
- Why is Sabana Reit different from 3 other syariah reit in Malaysia?
- Performance of sabana
- Risks involved when investing reit?

Panel Q&A (30mins )

Q&A session with all the speakers to be chaired by Sani Hamid

Are Islamic products/services inferior to conventional products?

PANEL AIM: Not to discuss products per se but to showcase the fact that there are numerous Islamic products out there and to give consumers the confidence that Islamic products/services are not inferior to conventional products/services.

Concluding speaker :

Dato Dr Ibrahim Ahmad in Malay
Muslim and Millionaire Mind Set (40 mins)

You need to have the right mindset and attitude towards creating wealth.
The speaker will awaken the minds and soul of the Muslims towards success , wealth and good life. He will equip the Malay/Muslim society with the right mindset and attitude towards creating wealth.

About the speaker
Profesor Dato ¡® Dr Ibrahim Ahmad has been conducting Millionaire Mind Power Programs for the past 11 years in all over Malaysia . At the age of 40, he is already a self made Millionaire . To date, he has changed many people's lives for the better.


Location: Hotel Concorde, Concored Ballroom

Date: 2nd July 2011

Time: 12.30pm to 6pm

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Hotel Concorde, Concorde Ballroom

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