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26 Feb 2020 - 2 Rejab 1441 Ishak 20:30 Subuh 5:58
26 Feb 2020 - 2 Rejab 1441 | Subuh 5:58 | Syuruk 7:15 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:33 | Maghrib 19:21 | Ishak 20:30
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Being Chic – Life Journeys of Muslim Women

[Event has ended]
Sat, 19 March 2011, 2 pm | English
MUIS Auditorium
Mendaki Club, Shajr Events
Zizi Azah Bte Abdul Majid, Nur Dianah Suhaimi, Anisa Hassan

Fees: Free

Is being chic about the external facet of a woman, or really, a total state of mind? Throughout history, Muslim women around the globe have made their impact in religion, community, business and governance. However, we know too well that the road to success is fraught with challenges and uncertainties.

In this conference jointly organised by Mendaki Club and Shajr, we meet some chic Muslim women who have trodden the path of life, with all the battle scars to show for it. How did they overcome the challenges they faced? What made them rise to the occasion, and how did they do it?

It does not matter what gender you are – do join us for this truly inspirational journey, held in celebration of International Women's Day.


Assoc. Prof. Fatimah Lateef, MP for Marine Parade GRC

Ms Zizi Azah Bte Abdul Majid, Artistic Director, Teater Ekamatra
Ms Nur Dianah Suhaimi, Political Correspondent, The Straits Times
Ms Anisa Hassan, Managing Director, IJL Asia

Guest Moderator for Panel Discussion
Ms Rita Zahara, Doctoral Candidate, NTU and TV News Presenter, Producer, Journalist


MUIS Auditorium

MUIS Auditorium, Singapore Islamic Hub 273 Braddell Road Singapore 579702


Shajr Events
Mendaki Club

MENDAKI Club, or MClub, is a community of Malay/Muslim young professionals and students who are enga...


Zizi Azah Bte Abdul Majid, Nur Dianah Suhaimi, Anisa Hassan


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