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Bersama Mu..Marriage of A Lifetime: Marriage Preparation Course

[Event has ended]
Sat, 22 October 2011, 9:00 am-5.30 pm | English
Assyakirin Mosque - Auditorium Level 2
Family Life Educators, Marriage Councellors

marriage course, roles and responsibilities, intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, financial

Fees: $130/pax, inclusive of lunch,refreshments,certificate & course materials

What participants say:

" It has taught me to be more understanding to my partner's feelings. I learn not to discuss serious issues when my partner is tired. I learn to spend quality time with him by taking part in activities together and accept the need to give him and myself space to pursue our own interests."

"This course opens my mind to the potential problems and conflicts that could happen in a marriage thus preparing myself to overcome these difficulties. I learn to develop my communication skills such as understanding body language. Personality differences are not necessarily a bad thing. What's important is to accept, adapt and be willing to change."

This course prepares couples for a healthy & enriching marriage & family life. It helps in laying the foundation for a good marriage, allows you to gain valuable insights into your individual strengths & weaknesses as well as learn practical skills to manage issues like finance & conflict with your spouse.

Developed by marriage counsellors, the course is complemented with video clips, self-reflections, couple chats & group discussions.

This interactive 14-hour course held over two days covers the following topics:

- Understanding marriage and its purpose

- Understanding yourself & your partner better in terms of attitudes, habits, behaviour and preferences so as to appreciate each other's strengths & weaknesses

- Sex and intimacy, starting a family

- Roles and responsiblities & effective couple communication & conflict resolution

- Managing Finances & planning family's budget

- Maintaining a harmonious marriage and relationship with in-laws.

The course will be conducted by certified marriage counsellors and distinguished speakers from family life educators and religious practitioners.

This course is endorsed by: ROMM, MCYS & MUIS

To register online please go to or contact us at 6268 1846


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Family Life Educators, Marriage Councellors


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