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17 Oct 2021 - 10 RabiulAwwal 1443 Zuhur 12:51 Asar 16:07
17 Oct 2021 - 10 RabiulAwwal 1443 | Subuh 5:30 | Syuruk 6:48 | Zuhur 12:51 | Asar 16:07 | Maghrib 18:53 | Ishak 20:03
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Persiapan Menghadapi Kematian / Siyarus Salikin

Kelas Fardhu Ain
~Persiapan Menghadapi Kematian / Siyarus Salikin

Every Sunday (9am)
Taught By : Ustz Drs Hj Ahmad Dahri

For enquiries, please call Taufiq at 6454 0848


Ahmad Ibrahim Mosque

15 Jalan Ulu Seletar, Singapore 769227


Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim (Mosque)

Ahmad Ibrahim Mosque which used to be known as Surau Nee Soon Jalan Ulu Seletar back in its early days was built in 1955 but had its name changed in 1961 to Ahmad Ibrahim to recognize the late minister Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim's contribution to the mosque. Today, the mosque remains strong and active in running weekly religious lectures and facilitates religious classes.


Ustaz Drs Ahmad Dahri


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