Ramadan Reflection #1 – School of Ramadan


And so the school of Ramadan is opened once again, enrolling students for its umpteenth intake. A school with a 1 month rigorous training with one goal: to produce persons of taqwa.

A person schooled here hopes to reach that goal and embody the desired outcome: an individual of taqwa: God-conscious, with a solid moral compass who observes the principles of right and justice in their varying interests and pursuits.

A person with the necessary life skills to take on whatever challenges life throws at him; an individual who understands the purpose of life in this world and be a positive contributor to his society and to all other creatures. In short, an individual who will be successful in this world and the hereafter.

But like in a typical school, not all will perform well. Some will fail (na’uzubillah); some will get a grade C (those who restrain from fulfilling the desires of their stomach n private parts); some will get a grade B (those who refrain all parts of their body from committing sin); and some will excel with a grade A (those who do all the previously mentioned and refrain their hearts from yearning after worldly affairs and are in a constant state of remembrance of Allah swt).

On this first day of Ramadan, let us set the intention and pledge to work hard and aim to graduate with a higher grade than before with the ultimate goal of coveting after that A grade. Let’s put our best foot forward.

And of course, with lots of du’a. May Allah Guide us towards that path and let us help one another strive for taqwa.

“O Allah, grant my soul taqwa and purify it, You are the Best of those who purify it, You are its Protecting Friend and Guardian/Master.” (du’a from hadith)

Ameen Ya Rabbal ‘Alameen


By: House of Alqudsi


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