Let’s talk about Sacrifice ( The Competition ).


As we live different lives and we go through different experiences, we would like to know from you.

What is the meaning of Sacrifice to you?

Share with us your stories..

1) It can be a mother’s sacrifice for their kids.

2) It can be a job that you do. The sacrifice you make benefit the community.
E.g. You could be a construction worker that builds a bridge. Because of you, millions of people are able to travel safely from one point to another point.

3) It can be your sacrifice to save another’s life.

4) Sacrificing time for ……..

5) Korban Experience …….

6) Leaving family for studies and work for a long period..



1st Prize – Quran & Al Muqaddimah Stylus Sensor set

2nd Prize – 10 Litres Zam Zam Water

3rd Prize – Syahadah Decal


How will you be scored?

80% – Story Telling
10%  – Audience Engagements (LIKEs & Viewers)
10% – Following instructions.


How to enter:

1) Write your story based on your original experience.
2) Submit the story to competition@islamicevents.sg with subject – MY SACRIFICE STORY – NAME
3) Please provide your name, contact no and home/office address (to deliver the prizes if you win) in the email too.

You can submit as many entries as you wish.

Stories will be featured from mid November to mid December 2013 on Islamicevents.sg Editorial site.


Terms & Conditions:

1) Stories are to be submitted before the 9th of November 2013.
2) Participants can submit as many entries as possible.
3) Participants are encourage to provide images to enhance the story better.
4) Stories taken from the Internet or elsewhere will be disqualified.

Hope to see your entries soon.




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