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For the past few years,, together with various individuals as well as submissions by the public, have worked hard to compile a directory of all the prayer places (musollah) around Singapore. Alhamdulillah, Allah has made his vast earth a place for prostration and alhamdulillah for individuals who have created spaces within Singapore’s urban landscape to provide a safe haven for Muslims here to perform their prayers in cleanliness and peace.

More than 200 locations are highlighted in the app, together with useful information like whether prayer garb for ladies (telekung) are available and if you can take your ablution at the space itself.

You can access the Musollah directory at

We now also have a nifty iPhone App for you to download for FREE and to utilise when you are out & looking for a musollah nearby! Just look for “Musollah” on the App Store. What’s more, the app now comes with the following features:

– Prayertime (+ notification)
-Qiblat Locator
-Driving Directions

The App is free in Singapore but has a charge of USD$0.99 for those in the Malaysia database.







Sponsor a Great Service to the Ummah

This app and the online directory has helped countless of Muslims in Singapore for the past few years to not miss their prayers even when they are in the most secular and heedless of environments such as work offices and shopping malls. Be a part of this invaluable service to the ummah by sponsoring IslamicEvents to make the App even better!

This app could only have been made free if not for the sponsorship contributions over the past year. Help us expand our database further to make this app free for our neighbouring countries and insyaAllah for the whole world.

Be rewarded greatly when you sponsor any amount here:

If you come across new Musollahs sprouting about, you can also submit new locations here:



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