March Holidays are here! Get them to know Allah..


Holidays are coming and yet this is just a short break for the kids and yourself. You might be planning for a getaway to some islands with the family but if you don’t have any plans especially on the weekdays for the kids, consider sending them for the following camps.

Yes in March, we are never short of camp activities being published here at

Let’s start with Camp Bunnaya – 10 March 2012

Just by reading the camp’s description I am already sold by the idea… See below..

It is year 2345, and an epidemic has consumed the people on Earth. Hundreds of people are being left stranded to die, as the epidemic is without a cure. “Help! Help!”, their frantic cries were left unheard. Doctors were at a loss at how to cure this deadly virus. There were rumors that the cure can only be found in a long lost book called Kanun At Tibb.

Kanun At Tibb has been stolen centuries ago and lost somewhere in the galaxy. Many have tried searching for it, but to no avail. Upon hearing their desperate pleas, Ibn Sina, as a father of modern medicine and a pious Muslim, came forward to offer his help.However, this was not a task for one man. Too many have lost their lives in the search for the book.

A group of heroes have pledged their help to Ibn Sina…

“Attention Muslim brothers and sisters, ages 9 to 11. We need your help to assist our leader, Ibn Sina to find the cure the virus. Help us save mankind… Ibn Sina needs you now! Join in the planet-hopping adventure at Bunayya 2012 on 10th and 11th March!”

Yes I want to help Ibn Sina too. Would you? Hurry hurry registration ends soon! And this camp will start this Saturday, 10 March 2012.

Go to this link to find out more info about this camp >> Click here

Bunayya 2012 Space Outbreak! – a Young Muslims Camp

 10 March 2012, 8.00am

Venue: Outward Bound Singapore – PunggolDetails»
Organiser: PERDAUS


Now don’t go yet, we have yet another thrilling adventure for your kids too. OK not for the smaller ones but for the Teens. Now we are not heading to space but we are heading to the heart of Singapore City to learn more about Allah and His beautiful creations.

Celebrate Qur’an CAMP-Tour (March Holiday)~ 14 March 2012

Do you know how Islam came to Singapore? What was the first mosque built in Singapore?

Your teens will definitely have fun during this camp and at the same time learn how Islam evolved from the earlier days in this small little island called Singapore.

To know more, please click on the links below.

Celebrate Qur’an CAMP-Tour (March Holiday)~ 

14 March 2012, 2pm-6pm

Venue: Raffles PlaceDetails»
Organiser: Soul Project


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