Faraidh: First Knowledge to be Lifted


Prophet Muhammad (S) exhorted us not only to learn but also to teach the knowledge of faraidh (knowledge of inheritance laws) to others. He further declared that the knowledge of faraidh to be half of knowledge and the first knowledge to be lifted; and that there will come a time when two people will quarrel about faraidh and they cannot find a person who can settle their dispute.

For many people, mentioning Faraidh would invoke images of mathematic symbols and death and family feuds – this does not have to be the way. Just as the number of rakaat of prayer has been determined, so has the share of each individual, which cannot be altered. Going against the amount or the share is disagreeing with the wisdom of Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of All Creation. Learning Faraidh can be fun and engaging as any other branch of knowledge.

Sayyidina Ali (krwj) said that people are hostile to what they do not understand. Don’t let your first encounter with Faraidh be when you are directly involved, or when someone close to you passes away. We must learn about it so as to avoid unnecessary drama and confusion.

Join the 12-hours Basic Faraidh Course with Syariah Consultancy led by Ustaz Syed Mustafa Alsagoff and his team, Ustaz Dr Firdaus Yahya and Ustaz Mustazah Bahari.

It is happening on:

Saturday, 22nd February 2014, 9.30am to 6pm
Sunday, 23rd February 2014, 9am to 1pm

Venue: Masjid Sultan Auditorium

Fees: $98 per pax or $180 for two

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