English Quran Recitation Classes: The Increasing Demand


Singaporean Muslims are an intelligent bunch of people who speak a lot of English. And now they want to learn Quran reading in English too.

The demand for Islamic courses and classes held in English Language have been increasing in the recent years, which shows a growing awareness and thirst for Islamic knowledge from the community. And recently in IslamicEvents we have received overwhelming requests for Quran recitation classes held in English.

Praises to God, that is an extremely heartening sign. Not only does it show of a highly literate society but also one that is willing to be more and more Quran literate too. With the ultimate guidance from Allah the Ar-Razzaq, the One who Provides Sustenance, more organizations have come on board in conducting English Quran recitation classes for various levels and demographics.

One such organization is AtTartil Consultancy, in collaboration with IslamicEvents.sg is currently offering the Al Quran Reading Course for *Beginners and Al Quran Reading Course for *Basic Reciters. Both courses will be conducted in English and is open to youths, adults & converts (18 years old and above). Each class will be kept to a small number of 15 people and will be held once a week for 8 sessions of 2 hours per session.

Currently AtTartil is offering 2 days in a week for each class, starting with the Beginner’s class on Mondays and Friday nights while the Basic Reciter’s class on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings. Classes will start on 18 and 21 March respectively. To date, seats are quickly filling up with the Beginner’s Monday class almost half filled, Alhamdulillah. For more details and course fees, please go to the following links:

Al Quran Reading Course for *Beginners

Al Quran Reading Course for *Basic Reciters

May Allah bless the efforts of those in the path of seeking knowledge. Ameen.




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