Couple Retreat: Happening 9th February 2014!


No one goes into marriage knowing what to expect. And even for those who have been married a while, you are never made to sit down for a test to see if you’ve been doing it right! For the majority of Muslim couples in Singapore, the only marriage course you ever attended was the Marriage Preparation Course.

After the honeymoon ends (literally & figuratively), we figure things out along the way, occasionally with the help of a book or an article here, and a Friday sermon that mentioned marriage there, but that’s it. Which is why I really love the description of the event:

“Living with our spouse requires us to adapt. Understanding our own personality profile as well as our spouse’s could help us develop greater appreciation, deeper understanding and insights on the appropriate responses that would help enhance communication thus helping us to be more compassionate to one another.”

Expecting your spouse to remain the same, or expecting them to change drastically are both ingredients for an unhappy you. What’s important to remember is that neither of you will remain exactly the same and you have to both adapt to changes within and without marriage.

Reignite your marital and blessed, halal love during this upcoming Couple Retreat Mini Series that’s happening on 9th February 2014 from 10am to 1pm at Singapore Land Tower. Tickets are $38/pax or $68/couple.

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