Are you going to miss the Two Oceans again?


Why did we say that you will miss this again? 

Because we did miss it. The last time this event was showcased it was in 2009. That was how long it has been since it last showed. So will you miss it again?

Based upon my meeting with Bro Gene Sha Rudyn, there are doing this showcase to support Madrasah’s Aljunied fund raising efforts. All proceeds will go to this fund.

So what exactly is this all about?

Honestly I don’t have the slightest idea but based on the description on the poster the scene of this play will re-enact the time when Prophet Moses A.S split the oceans apart with Allah SWT help. At the same Firaun was chasing from the back. Imagine the intensity during this period, imagine the screams of people hurrying to cross the two oceans and witness the screams of soldiers drowning in that sea…

I can go on but I think it’s better to watch this show.

Now how to register?   

Entry by pre-registration to their  online form 
e-mail Full Name, Identity Card or Passport Number, and contact number to
payment of 1 Dirham ($12) upon entry

TWOOCEANS – an Experiential Caravan Theatre, of the story of Moses at the Junction of the Two Oceans

17 March 2012, After Solat Maghrib

Venue: Level 5, Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah


Organiser: Statement; Keelat Theatre Ensemble

Speaker: Gene Sha Rudyn


  1. Salam. Isn’t “the story of Moses at the Junction of the Two Oceans” with reference to al-Qur’an surah al-Kahf ayat 60 to 82 and nothing to do with the drowning of Fir’aun in the Red Sea? 😉


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