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#Lessons in Life#

We think we can just get married and Be a Wife,
Be a Husband, Be a Parent,
that it will all come, we’ll figure it out …

Perhaps the “Be-ing” happens more naturally in the past
in our grand parents & great grandparents’ times

When their state of Natural “Be-ing” {Fitrah}
the Adab of being a Human Being
in the structure of a family unit
ain’t so much tainted as now

The issue is how does one just “BE” a parent,
husband and wife and child?
in these Dajjalic age and times
When our states of “Be-ing” is heavily clouded
with the Unrealistic Fantasies, Romantacizing, Love,
Intimacy of Holly-Bolly Wood?

When the “Be-ing” of a family unit
is dictated by the Nation’s secular ideologies
heavily indoctrinated in our minds
Degrees and Education as symbolic states of Success
Career is IN for the woman

Woman who stays home called a “House-wife”
Such degrading labels!
When staying home and looking after the family unit
is the highest most dignified role a human can ever hold
It should be called a Chief World Ambassador role,
not just mere Housewife

Ah titles aside ….

Times have come that
it is Parenting, being a Husband & Wife
is something that has to be taught
back to Basics

The Adab of …
How to be a Husband 101
How to be a Wife 101
How to be a child 101
How to be a Parent 101

Sorely missing
And I am one such product
of this machine robotic secularized state
producing Human Machines
not Human BE-ings

One by one
like an Onion being peeled
I realize my own shortcomings
in each of those areas
as a wife, as a mother,
come to a grinding standstill

As I experience the experience
of painstakingly holding on to these roles
as if holding on to a stick with thorns
falling and faltering
as I learn what it truly means
to Hold on to these roles…

The Kursus rumahtangga we have now
is like a car without an engine
a parade of speakers
regurgitating from scripts and slides
not from the heart of heart of experience

I’m looking elsewhere
and Yes something is brewing I heard
250 participants coming together
soon …

A program called

by speakers who have gone through
24 years of marriage sharing the Ups and Downs
Authentically sharing real life experiences
Not from some cut off scripts to meet national agenda …

Man who lives with 4 wives harmoniously in this age and Times – Like I wonder – Wow & How he does it?

A Woman who has been married and divorced –
exposing the taboo of a break up
so often never discussed – sharing the journey of
Patience, Prayer and Forgiveness …

A groom -to -be who is fighting against the culture
of Hantaran and expensive wedding Ra-Ra – going against all tides to focus on a simple Nikah ceremony
Trailblazer, Setting Islamic Wedding
back into perspective …

Are you Ready?
Well I am

It’s High Time …
Transforming Ummah
by Making Marriage Alive again …

Stay Tuned for the details ….


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