2 Super Events @ Sultan Mosque this Saturday, 31st March 2012


Have you been following the events on our site? If you didn’t we’ll here’s two great events that we recommend you to join this weekend.

1) Activating Taufiq in Your Life

9am to 1pm @ Masjid Sultan Auditorium.

So what is this program all about? Instead of telling you facts why don’t I share a story with you.. Please read.

A story of a little Girl and her Father ..

One day a little girl and her father walked into an Ice Cream Stall.

Little Girl: “Papa can I have an Ice Cream?”
Father: “Sure my Darling.”

So the Father bought the little girl a scoop of ice cream. Minutes later she dropped the ice cream and cried, “Papa my Ice Cream dropped” and she sobbed away.

The Father pitied on her and bought again another ice cream, now not with one scoop but with two.

Father: “Here you go again my little Darling and make sure you hold it tight this time round”.

Minutes later the little girl dropped her ice cream again.

— the end —

Now carry on reading this on this web page >> http://www.islamicevents.sg/taufiq/ . Insyallah you will understand what we are trying to share with you.

2) Dinar, Dirham & Ekonomi Islam

As we mention before this is the first event this year that we Co-Organise with Akhi Abdul Halim as there was a pressing need to share this knowledge to the community. Before a mass of confusion takes place, let’s come back to re-align the real purpose of the dinar and dirham.

This program will be just after Ustaz Yazid’s program – Activating Taufiq in Your Life

If you’ve registered for this program, Congratulations for doing so. If you haven’t there still room until we close the registration. So hurry!

Register today here.

This event is in Malay. For details please refer to the Dinar & Dirham ( << click that link ) page.


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