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Fadzuli Wahab is the co founder of IslamicSG Networks LLP which manages the portal and also owns his own training business under He often writes his thoughts, opinions and his adventures via his blog at Do check him out and find out what he is up to via his facebook account and more.

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Have you ever come across a situation that you need a car to travel around visiting your families and relatives or friends this Raya?

Besides owning a car, renting one is a much cheaper avenue to consider as its just a one time commitment. Knowing that its going to be Syawal soon, most cars under rental companies tend to be fully booked.

So what can you do to find a car?

Heard of this concept called Car Pooling?

The idea of it is simple. It’s sharing cars by existing car owners. You don’t have to have a headache of purchasing one and pay monthly instalments on it.

Watch this video to understand better.

Get to know more about iCarsClub

Why rent car at iCarsclub?

1) Drive with a peace of mind

Their comprehensive insurance package covers you to an excess of $1500. Roadside assistance hotline is available 24/7 and you can be assured that help is just a phone call away.

2) Best car rental rates in town

The wide variety of rates and car models available at flexible renting time, you have the choice to rent your desired car at the price that you are happy with.

3) Easy and convenient

It takes less then 5 mins for the car owner to approve your appointment. Thanks to our keyless entry system, you can have access to the car without the hassles of keys exchanging.

4) Pay only what you use

No registration fees or membership fees. Rental car share is charged on per hour or day basis. Petrol and insurance is charged on a per mile basis.

5) Better lifestyle, less burden

It provides you with the flexibility to enjoy travelling at your own pace without breaking the bank.


How it works?

1) Sign up as an iCarDriver

Sign up now for free using our step-by-step guide. You will receive the notification of your application status within 3 working days.

2) Reserve your preferred car

Select a car that suit your needs based on its location, price and availability. The owner will be notified immediately and you’ll receive a confirmation upon successful booking.

3) Access hop in and drive!

You’ll be provided the exact location of the car. Simply locate it, unlock the car on your phone, hop in and drive away!

4) Return and fuel

Return the car to the same location when you finish your drive. You could also request to extend rental if you need to. Petrol is charged after your journey




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We always based our Calendar on the Gregorian Calendar. Let’s try considering turning it around and follow the Hijri Calendar instead.

Here our founder Fazli Mansor develop a calendar of events based on the Hijri Calendar.

The image will help you give an overview of activities based on the month of JamadulAwal 1434. On the left, you can find the Islamic Dates like Hari Raya Eidul Adha, Maulidurasul and more.

Cool isn’t it?

How do I access this calendar?

If you happen to be on any page at, look for the dates at top of the screen. Click on it and you will be able to access the Hijri Calendar. Do explore our sites and give feedback and suggestion on how to improve our portal further.

Our team are continously building apps and programs to make it useful for the whole community.

Your continous support is great appreciated.

Sponsor us $1 a day.


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Contribute $1 a day to our developments and it will result in contributing $29-$30 a month.

As we strive to excel in every possible way to expand our products/services, to improve our systems, come out with new innovative ideas and maintaining existing systems, we would like to invite you as part of this journey to help us achieve better things for ourselves, for our families, for yourselves and for the community.

As we grow, the community will benefit in many areas and every single cent contributed will put to good use.

1) To develop new products and services.
2) To pay wages to the team to continue on doing their Awesome work.
3) To sponsor other organisations for their dakwah and islah efforts.
4) Sponsor those who cannot afford to attend events or courses.
5) And also our expansion overseas

And a lot can be done with your contribution of $1 a day.


How can I contribute $1 a day?

Well firstly it works like a GIRO system, where it will deduct from your account daily automatically.

Step 1) Visit this link >>

Step 2) Look for that yellow box icon as show in the image below.




Step 3) Click on the Sponsor Button.

Step 4) A paypal account is required. Your debit/credit card is required for this to work.

Step 5) Follow the steps that Paypal tells you to follow.

Step 6) Towards the end, paypal will tell you that you have created a profile and $1 will be deducted from your account daily.

The target and goal is to hit 7,000 sponsors by year end 1434H.

With just $1 a day, many things can happen. Looking forward to your support.


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Thank you for all the Sponsors and Contributors, your funds have been placed to develop the different components of this website. And among the long pending list is to build this Ticketing System. We have just completed Version 1.0 of this application and insyallah it will perform without hiccups.

Now let’s show you how to order Step by Step.

At the event page, once you read through the synopsis and details, click on “Register Now”.



Step 1) Once you reach the next page, Choose the Event Ticket Type and Qty.



Step 2) On the following page, fill in the Form Details.



Step 3) On this page, check your details. If you have type any wrong details, press back. Otherwise choose Payment type >> By Debit/Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

** We do not have Cash on Delivery option for this system as that will incur you delivery costs.



** Debit/Credit option. If you choose this option, it will lead you to Paypal and you will be ask to provide your Paypal passwords or if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can choose to enter your debit/credit card option.



** For Bank Transfer option – You can leave the Transaction Ref ID and confirm the order first. You can make bank transfer later as this will be reflected in your email.

Once you’ve cleared either the Credit/Debit or Bank Transfer Step, you will be sent back to the event page and there will be a message above the event. See below.




Step 4) Check Your Email Inbox.



Open the email and you should see this message below.



** For Bank Transfer Payment, the invoice will be reflected as PENDING when you make the order as our staff have to check if your payments have been made. Please note that tickets are not reserved unless payment has been made. Once payment is made, please reply to the email from the invoice and inform us of the date/time payment made and also the Transaction Reference No.

Finally. Please print this Email TICKET and present it as evidence of your payment on the actual day @ the Event Registration Booths.

Please adhere to our terms and conditions.

1) Tickets purchase are non refundable & no refunds given for failure of attending the events paid for.

2) Tickets are not reserved unless payment is confirmed.

3) As we are only ticket vendors, is not responsible of what happens in the events as that is up to Organisers to settle the issues unless event is organised by

4) Information collected by such as name, email, contact numbers and others are only shared with Organisers of Event and will not be sold/shared with other organisations not involved in that Event.

That’s it for the Ticketing System. Do try it out soon and share with us your feedback on using the system so that we can further built on it and make the processes more smooth and simpler.



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The Prophet, upon him be peace, taught, “A time will come over people when not a
one of them will remain other than consumers of interest; and even those who do not
consume it will be effected by its dust.”

This hadith was related by Abu Hurayrah and was included in the collection of Ibn Majah,
Kitab al-Sunan (2269).

Have you realize that we are in these times?

Isn’t it strange how a Muslim will strictly stay away from eating pork because it is haram, yet the same person has no problem devouring riba (otherwise known as usury or interest)?

“…but whoever returns (to dealing in Riba), such are the dwellers of the Fire- they will abide therein”. (Surah Baqarah, verse 275).

Riba brings hardship into this life, but much more importantly and frighteningly are its consequences in the grave and akhirah (the Hereafter).

Buying big things today like houses, cars and even sometimes taking personal loans lands us to RIBA. Long term interest that’s causing major problems these days. There are many problems that arises from RIBA such as many cases of family breakdowns, suicide, homelessness and the list goes on. I would not want to say that this is the source of all problems. It could be but its not just that.

Allow me to share a personal experience. I just came back from my reservist training and being a Lieutenant I have to listen to all the problems the men under me faced. One of the most heartening case was he lost his job for almost 3 months now and because he has all the expenses like mortgages and day to day meals, he had used his credit cards to settle them ending almost more than 10 thousand dollars of bills. Using credit cards was definitely the killer due to the interests the banks had on him. What’s worse is that its not just one credit card but more than 3. Furthermore he has to support his family.

I am very sure that this does not just happen to him and there are many people out there who are in the same boat. In fact more and more people today who are not educated tend to fall into these traps. It could be you too.

Where are we going wrong? Let’s ask ourselves these questions.

Are we supporting the Systems that further escalates our problems?

Do you actually know that you are supporting systems that is causing this problem?

Are we making sure that we don’t put our money in places that continually generate RIBA?

If we are not able to fully get out from RIBA, can we minimize and hopefully someday we can be out of it?

These are questions that you may want to ask and seek answers to and to be honest there is no one exact solution in this complex environment.

How can we get ourselves out in this situation?

I’ve found some answers from The tips are:

  1. Having tawakkul that Allah will provide for you and your family
  2. Not taking out loans which incur interest
  3. Choosing halal investments (for example gold rather than the stock market)
  4. Renting and saving the cash for a home instead of a mortgage
  5. Being wary of contracts you sign and having a student of knowledge/imam/shaykh check them
  6. Opening up bank accounts without interest (in other words, chequing accounts)
  7. Making bill payments on time so as not to incur a late penalty (set your account to automatic payment so the bank will automatically withdraw and you will be sure to not pay late)
  8. Borrowing money from family or friends where possible
  9. Not buying what you simply don’t have the money for – live within your means
  10. Dealing with Islamically compliant banks
  11. Accepting/Organizing a “Goodly Loan” (al Qard al Hasanah), which is a loan by means of which one intends to show kindness to another, which does not involve taking Riba

You may also consider attending seminars and events on Halal Investments and learning from others how they have done it to get out of the current RIBA systems.

Here’s an upcoming seminar that you may want to consider attending.

The third speaker, Akhi Abdul Halim is currently replaced by Mr Sani Hamid from Financial Alliance.

Get more details here


Success in this Life and the hereafter

When examining the issues of RIBA, we should remember that true success lies with the help of Allah alone. If we abide by what which is lawful, and avoid that which is haram, our wealth will be blessed and beneficial in this world and the hereafter. We should seek barakah in our lives. This is a short life in this world, let’s not waste it with RIBA.

And let’s not be afraid to take actionable steps one at a time to get out of it. Allahu Akhbar!

ISLAMIC FINANCE FOR ALL CONFERENCE 2012 15 December 2012, 2pm – 7pm

Venue: Sultan Mosque, AuditoriumDetails»
Organiser: Amanah Asset Management
Speakers: Dato’ Mohd Fadzli Yusof, Wan Abdul Rahim Kamil, Sani Hamid

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Finally the book is out. Ustaz Mizi Wahid have been telling me about this book since we collaborated on promoting his Book  “Prayer for Success” early this year. He has now expanded his business from running seminars, classes and talks at to now becoming a Publisher for another writer – Ustaz Abdul Salam Abdul Hameed – the author of this latest book – “How to Memorize the Quran in 10 Years Regardless of Age and Profession”.

Alhamdulillah. Gratitude to Allah swt for allowing us to have our own Asatizah to publish English books so that we are able to reach more of the English speaking audience. May Allah swt continue to bless and their founder with more blessings and may we produce more quality books insyallah.

Allow me to share what Ustaz Abdul Salam Abdul Hameed put up in the introduction.


Alhamdulillah; infinite thanks and praises are due to Allah,
Lord of the Worlds, Who has descended the Qur’an as a book
of guidance for us, and has chosen the companions of the
Qur’an amongst us to be His special ones. May His Peace and
Blessings be upon the first companion of Al-Qur’an; the first
members, his companions and all those who have taught the
Qur’an or loved it, generations down to us.

I’m unimaginably delighted that you are inspired to memorize
the book of Allah; Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem. Having you holding
this book, and reading these lines, after you have paid for it, is
enough evidence of my claim.

I know you are rushing to read the book from cover to cover.
However, as much as I salute you for your aspirations, I see
the need for those aspirations to have solid and concrete
ground. That “concrete ground” is what you will be reading in
Chapter 1 of this book; “How to Memorize the Qur’an in 10
Years, Regardless of Age and Profession”, followed by
Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, insha Allah.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to Al-Qur’an, as it will also
highlight the importance of Al-Qur’an. You won’t read a book
until you are convinced of its importance to you, and the
change it can bring into your life. Would you? What more if
the book we are about to fall in love with is the Qur’an, which
we are going to memorize rather than the traditional reading?
What more if the time we are going to spend with this book
(Al-Qur’an) is a life time moments, rather than the usual
“touch and go” kind of reading?

In Chapter 2, where the main content will be discussed, we
will share tips on memorizing Al-Qur’an, in a way that, by the
time we finish, in 10 years to come, each one of us will be an
authentic Hafiz, insha Allah.

Chapter 3 will focus on how to maintain the Qur’an, together
with some related stories and references, insha Allah.
Happy reading, and most importantly, may you have a fuitful
journey towards becoming a Hafizul Qur’an.

Abdul-Salam Abdul-Hameed
Singapore, 4/6/2012


The Quran is not a book that is to be rushed to read and memorized. For those that have become Hafizul Qur’an will know that it takes time and effort to do so. This book contains practical information and steps to guide you to be a Hafiz insyallah.

One step at a time.

Who will benefit from reading this book?

1) If you have struggled memorizing the Quran since young, perhaps you have not known certain techniques and disciplines not taught in Quran schools.

2) If you have young children, as a parent you can apply the techniques taught by Ustaz Abdul Salam Abdul Hameed to them. Yes start them younger and perhaps they can memorize even faster than 10 years.

3) If you are a Tahfiz student, perhaps these techniques can help you speed up your memorising too. Of course do refer back to your Teachers who are training you. This book is not to replace your current methodologies but to compliment them. Insyallah.

Perhaps there are others who can benefit from it too, insyallah .

To order  this book, please refer to our online shop here.

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Recently one of our friends on Facebook asked about the availability of Prayer Rooms or Musollah as she wishes to attend the “Bahasa Terindah (Songs of the Soul)” concert.

We were not too sure either, so we wrote in to Esplanade Management and here’s their reply.

The question / suggestion by Bro Fadzuli

Hi Winnie,

There have been questions regards to Prayer Rooms @ the venue. Is there any prepared?

Perhaps this is something your management would look into especially for concerts targeted for the Muslim Audience.

If you do have, it’s going to be convenient for the attendees.

Best Regards,

Fadzuli (Mr)

Reply by Esplanade Management.

Dear Fadzuli,

Thank you for waiting for our replies.
We are mindful about the prayer timings of our Muslim community, and thus, we have moved our concert timings from 7.30pm to 8.00pm for all Malay concerts. This is so our Muslim audiences can perform their evening prayers (Maghrib) before they attend the concert.

As a secular arts centre, we do not have a designated prayer room at Esplanade. We do, however, have a Nursing Room located at our Mezzanine Level that you can consider using to perform your prayers. However, we seek your understanding that priority for the use of the room would be for nursing mothers.

We thank you for your kind understanding.


Winnie Chan
Manager, Programme Marketing
The Esplanade Co Ltd
1 Esplanade Dr
S 038981

We hope the following information will help

Locate the Nearest Musollah >>

Download our Apps for Windows  & Android Users >>


Bahasa Terindah (Songs of the Soul)

Have you bought the tickets?

Bahasa Terindah (Songs of the Soul)7 September 2012, 8pmVenue: EsplanadeDetails»
Organiser: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

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Calling all Qurban Service providers ( local and overseas ), here’s our Qurban advertisement package for 2012.


Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your Qurban package at a stellar price.

Usual Advertising Fees on – per week is $150.
– inclusive of Email Broadcasts services in Newsletter to 3,600 subscribers ( weekly )
– prominent features on main page.

Advertise now to Hari Raya Haji ( October 26, 2012 – 8 weeks ) for only $200 – ( Usual price $1,000 )

** Only 5 more advertising spots left. 

Advertise with us early. The earlier your organisation advertise with us,  the more awareness we can create for you.

*This offer is only for Qurban Service Providers only.

To advertise with us, contact 9179 8353 ( Fazli Mansor ) or email to



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One step at a time. We are taking steps to fine tune the delivery processes for our online shop.

The Processes is as shown:

1) Orders received. Accumulated.
2) Contact Courier & Inform them to pick up items from various suppliers. – Once or twice a week
3) Courier sent to packing center.
4) Packing center packs orders and contact Area Despatcher.
5) Area Despatcher will collect item, contact client to deliver items.
6) Items delivered.
7) Area despatcher returns with signed invoice.

On average an order will take 7-14 days from the point of order to delivery.

So to our lovely suppliers, please take note the system is in place within the next two weeks.

Due to these, there are operation and manpower costs involved. Delivery fees will be raised to $10 per order from the usual $7. Other items may costs more due to packaging and such.

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With the increasing number of users using the Android phones like Samsung S3 and more, we often get emails and requests for this app.

Presenting the Musollah App for Android Phones.

Download the App here.

Want to sponsor other developments?

Sponsor our Iphone Development here.

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Video yang sangat interaktif. Sila share untuk manfaat kepada semua.

Kursus Pengenalan: Fahami Bacaan Dalam Solat @ Auditorium Masjid Sultan

21 July 2012, 2petang – 4.30 petang

Venue: Sultan Mosque, AuditoriumDetails»
Organiser: Sentuhan Ramadan Commitee
Speaker: Ustaz Zulkiflee Bachik

Kursus Pengenalan: Fahami Bacaan Dalam Solat @ Auditorium Singapore Islamic Hub

28 July 2012, 2 petang – 4.30 petang

Venue: MUIS AuditoriumDetails»
Organiser: Sentuhan Ramadan Commitee
Speaker: Ustaz Zulkiflee Bachik

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For the last two years we had several different online competition. In 2010, it was the video the competition while last year we had a photography competition… You can see the 50 plus submissions from last year’s competition here.

Last year’s winner – Bro SHAFFRI KAMIS

So what’s happening this year?

This year we will go into more depth. Design Competition.

Yes. Design. We are going to take it up a notch and make this competition tougher and more exciting and we hope to get a lot more people to be involved in this round. Also with all this excitement, great prizes also awaits. More details coming soon.

Prior to this competition on 30th June, will be co-hosting a Workshop called “SNAP & DESIGN“.

See below poster.


In this workshop we will be getting two experts, Bro Hairolz Sinan & Bro TJ Hussin to be conducting it. Both from the Photography and Design industry will show you the tips and tricks of taking awesome shots with the use of a simple Digital Camera & also to cover the basic Photoshop tools to help you in creating awesome graphic with the Photos that you have taken.

Basic Photoshop Lesson

Bro Hairolz is the owner of Rolz, a wedding photographer by profession. He also owns his own studio and he is very much in love with designing. A qualified Adobe Photoshop Instructor, he has also done similar workshops through out the years.

In his session, he will cover the various basic tools that you need to know on how to use Photoshop. We can say that this is a crash course but the basics are good enough for you to already create a simple poster, name card and manipulate photos.

What do we want you to achieve?

You should be able to make images like shown below.

sample 1:

sample 2:

Within 4 hours, you should already learn how to manipulate images, insert text, choose the right fonts and more.

How’s that for a workshop?

Now we are not over yet… besides learning to use Adobe Photoshop, we’ll also have  the short Photography class by Bro TJ Hussin.

Bro TJ Hussin started shooting photos when he was then a Mc Donald’s manager in the late 80s and early 90s. At Mc Donalds usually you would have Children’s Birthday parties and such. On those occasions, he would helped the parents out to take photos of the Kids and the family. Since then, his love for photography begin and perhaps that’s how his Studio name came about – Rich Kids Studio. And he started out with just a simple camera back then and today of course he has more sophisticated equipments.

But that’s not the point. What we are trying to share with you here is that everyone can start from using simple devices.

Its not the TOOL!! It’s the person handling the tools. So learn this well.

  • Learn the fundamentals of holding the camera
  • Learn how to stabilize the camera for perfect shots
  • Know the environment and the type of lighting required for perfect shots
  • Look to shoot at great angles.. Seriously a fat person can look thin when you shoot at the correct angle.
  • and more.

Bro TJ Hussin will take you through some theory before lunch and a practical session after that.

Can we ask you again? How’s that for a one day workshop?

if you are interested. Register early to avoid dissappointment.

Below is the schedule of the program.

Schedule of Program – Saturday, 30th June 2012

8.00 am to 8.30 am: Report time
8.30 am to 8.40 am: Opening Remarks by Fadzuli Wahab
8.40 am to 12.00 pm:  Basic Photoshop Class by Noor Hairolz Sinan or known as Rolz
12.00 pm to 1.00 pm:  Introduction to Photography by TJ Hussin (Theory)
1.00 pm to 2.30 pm: Lunch & Solat Zuhur
2.30 pm to 4.00 pm: Photography & Practical Session by TJ Hussin
4.00 pm to 5.00 pm: Group Challenge & Presentation
5.00 pm to 5.30 pm: Closing & Prize Presentation. National Ramadan Competition Announcements.
5.30pm: Thank you for Attending this Event.

** Program may change closer to the event.

How do I register for this event?

* There are 50 places for this event, do Book your places today.
* Reservation is confirmed only after Payment is made.

1) By Debit/Credit – Paypal – Register Here Today

2) By Bank Transfer: 

Transfer to DBS Current Account – 106 901427 1

After you make a transfer:

Please email to the following details

  • Name
  • Email
  • Contact No
  • Address
  • No of Registration


Once you are done with that, we will be updating you of the program details and what to download before you attend this workshop.

See you there. Insyallah.



Thank you to the following individuals and organisation for supporting this event.

1) SMU Islamic Business & Finance Society 
2) TJ Hussin from RICH KIDS Studio
3) Hairolz Sinan from ROLZ

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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

Its quite sad for me to say this but we did SPAM your walls last Friday due to a very bad bug in our code that causes it. Yes we take responsibility of this problem.

This App was developed initially for a small group of people but we never know it could just keep growing so fast and end up facing problems that we couldn’t forsee. Perhaps the lack of experience. We apologize for all the trouble caused.

Imagine this, you open a shop expecting a few hundreds of people to patronize it.  Then One day, there are thousands flooding your shop. One person you have to handle cashier and when products runs out you are also the one shelving the products on the shelf. Sooner or later it became chaotic.

Some people might tell you that it is a good problem because many people out there struggle just to bring one customer to their shop whereas we had thousands coming at it at one time.

Perhaps that is true, however with such growth also comes a lot more challenges that needs to be overcome.

This event has definitely thought us a lot about Scaling the systems. Allow us time to figure out the right algorithms and processes and hopefully we can relaunch this on this weekend.
Ya Allah help us in this journey…


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We were contacted about this Poster just recently and we thought that this would be cool to have in our Children’s Rooms, in Classrooms and at Mosques as It tells you the whole story of Rasulullah (SAW) life in just one Poster.

How easy it is for our children to be able to identify the different points of Rasulullah (SAW) life and remember them through the Power of Visualisation through the Poster itself.

Also for teachers this could be pasted on your Classroom Walls and you could do quizes with it with your students to break the monotonous curriculum.

And of course for Mosques this would be a great education poster for the Jemaah when they pass by your Notice Boards.

Furthermore much research has been done to developed it and it is done by one of the pre-eminent scholars of our time, Syakh Hamzah Yusuf.

Read further below.

Can’t see the poster? Click Here


Combining scholarly research and elegant graphic design, this wall poster provides beginners and the well-read alike with an easy-to-navigate overview of the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him. This 24″ x 36″ full color poster provides a chronological summary of major events for every year of the blessed Prophet’s life, as well as a bilingual listing of the prophetic lineage, a chart of the extended family of the Prophet, and a summary of his military expeditions. Researched and translated by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, this poster makes a scholarly summary of the life of the Prophet accessible to everyone and is a must for homes and Islamic schools/centers!

*Posters are delivered in sturdy tubing.

*Posters are imported from the UK. Only 18 available in current stock.

Get this Poster today before it runs out of stock.

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In everything we create there is no perfection in it. Perfection comes from making adjustments and making tweaks along the way in this journey we call life. Similarly in software development, it’s really about testing, tweaking, making mistakes again, making correction again and the whole cycle repeats itself.

So this morning, we took the time to amend certain aspects of the Facebook Daily Prayer Time Software.

We have gotten great reviews and comments but we would personally look for critics and recommendations too. And so we listen to them.

After much thought last night, we put ourselves infront of the computer again to amend the system.

And so now you have two options during the installation process of the App.

The first option after installation only posts once a day during Subuh. The second option after installation will posts 6 times a day ( 5 daily prayer times plus one good night message )

We hope that this app would benefit you, remind you and also inspire you to be closer to Allah swt.

Install the App Here.