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This coming week, we welcome a special guest from Tarim, Yemen. This information is for those who wish to follow Habib Khazim’s lectures in Singapore, .

Get to know Habib below.



Habib Kazim bin Ja`far bin Muhammad al-Saqqaf traces his lineage back through the great Imams, Shaykh `Abd al-Rahman al-Saqqaf and al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin `Ali to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

He was born in Tarim, in Yemen’s Hadramawt Valley in 1967. He memorised the Qur’an under the tutelage of Habib Sa`d bin `Alawi al-`Aydarus at the renowned school of Imam Muhammad Abu Murayyam. He also studied at the prestigious Ribat of Tarim and took knowledge from the main scholars of the city.

Habib Kazim then left Tarim to study under Habib Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Haddar at his Ribat in al-Bayda’ in Northern Yemen. He also studied under Habib Zayn bin Ibrahim bin Sumayt in the same Ribat and Habib Ibrahim bin `Aqil bin Yahya in Ta`izz.

He later returned to Hadramawt to assist Habib `Umar bin Hafiz in his efforts calling people to Allah and reviving Islam in a region which had suffered greatly under the oppression of the socialist regime in South Yemen. He served as the director of the Ribat of al-Shihr for six years and then as the director of the Ribat of al-Mukalla’ for a further two years.

A highly-respected scholar, Habib Kazim is considered an expert in many areas of the sacred sciences including Jurisprudence (Fiqh), the Prophetic Biography (Sirah), Creed (`Aqidah), Principles of Jurisprudence (Usul) and in particular, Hadith and its related sciences.

Habib Kazim has made numerous expeditions calling to Allah. He travels regularly to South East Asia and the United Kingdom has visited Australia, Canada and several European countries. Wherever he goes, he touches people’s hearts with his compassion and humility. He stops at nothing to fulfil the needs of anyone that comes to him. His unique oratory fills the hearts of his audiences with love for Allah and His Messenger ﷺ and the desire to do good and benefit society.

When he is not travelling, he teaches and sits on the Council for Legal Verdicts at Dar al-Mustafa in Tarim.


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“Look, it’s not like I’m not happy being a Muslim. I’m grateful that I have this beautiful religion. I just… I don’t feel it sometimes. And this time, none of my usual boosters are working,” Mariam confided in her friend, Atikah.

Unsure how to answer her friend as she experiences the same thing occasionally, she tried, “Okay listen. They always say go back to basics, right? And our basics is the prayer. Just focus on that and don’t overburden yourself with doing more.”

“Fine. I’ll try that,” Mariam replied, not entirely convinced this would give her that spiritual fulfilment she so missed. ‘How do people do it? How can they balance this life with all its busy-ness and distractions and obligations to family and career, and still stand on the prayer mat, focussed?’, she wondered. ‘What am I missing? I don’t miss my prayers, or at least I try very hard not to. Why does God seem so far?’

Not wanting to dwell on it further, she went back to the office to finish some work.


That night, she took her ablution deliberately. She’d heard somewhere that if you’re not focussed in your wudhu’, then your prayer won’t be focussed too. It didn’t sound that hard so she figured she’ll give it a shot.

“O Allah, I am taking ablution to prepare for prayer, for Your Sake.”

She took her time as she washed her hands and her face, asking for forgiveness for the sins that she’s committed with her limbs. At the end, she felt… clearer. Ready.

She put on her white prayer garment, a gift from her grandmother from Makkah when she went for Umrah a year ago. Mariam always liked knowing that this prayer garment had been in the blessed city even if she hasn’t stepped foot there. She always imagined that as she put on the prayer garment, she’s also enveloping herself in blessings she can’t see, like magical star dust.

She took a deep breath and made her intention for prayer.

“O Allah, I intend to pray 4 rakaat of isya’, for Your Sake.” Then she added in a whisper, “Please let me have khusyu’!”

For the first time in a long time, her prayer was not rushed, she felt calm and relaxed and when she closed her eyes in prostration, she could faintly see the Kaabah in the distance. Her throat constricted, finding it hard to believe Allah heard her prayer. She needed this so bad, and He heard her!

As she gave salaam at the end of prayer, she wept in gratitude. “Thank You Allah, thank You so much.” She opened her eyes and just as she was about take off her prayer garment, her eyes fell upon an old book: “Mari Sembahyang (Perempuan)”. It was a book written by the late Kiyai Ahmad Sonhadji Mohamad, something she had used in primary school to memorize the recitations in prayer.

Her heart was moved to take the book from the shelf so she did. She read the translations of the recitations in prayer and felt her heart melt. Such beautiful supplications that she had memorized for years and recited in prayer but never paid much attention to!

“Rabbighfir li warhamni, wajburni, warfa’ni, wahdini, wa’afini, wa’fu’anni.”

“O Allah forgive me, have mercy on me, support me, elevate me, guide me, protect me and erase for me my wrongdoings.”

‘This was what I’ve been asking for from God all these time between the 2 prostrations and I wasn’t even aware of it while I was asking?’, Mariam felt regret in her heart, but so thankful still that she was shown her way.

She realised that memorizing recitations in prayer as a child was different than truly understanding and internalising the meaning of them as a young adult. She took her phone and messaged Atikah: “You were right babe. Prayer is indeed our foundation. I felt it’s magic again today. Thank you!”

Need help to improve your solat?

This course is specifically for those whom have been praying for years but yet to understand what they say in the doas and zikr.  Get more details here

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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

This week Mufti shared how to make Doa. One of the reasons why our doas are not accepted is because, we didn’t start it with praising Allah. See the video here.

A famous story about Rasulullah S.A.W showing patience..

Do share it with your friends so that more can benefit from this.
For the full video lecture on 1st January, you may visit

Don’t miss the following live streaming lectures

Kuliah Tafsir Kisah Dalam Al Quran
Sunday, 8 Jan 2017, Aftar Solat Maghrib

Majlis Alhadyun Nabawi 
Wednesday, 11th January 2016
After maghrib and after isya.
Venue: Masjid Jamiyah Ar Rabittah

Watch it live on

Majlis Maulid Perdana

Wednesday, 11th January 2016
After maghrib and after isya.
Venue: Masjid Sultan

Watch it live on

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Alhamdulillah. This week we received 202 contributions to this project and have performed the distribution at 2 villages in Cambodia –

  1. Beung Trobek Village – 61 families
  2. Wahmy Village – 141 families



We thank all the contributors to this project.

We would like to thank Ikhwan Services and their teams in Cambodia for their efficient work in the distribution process and reporting work.

Last distribution to a few other villages will be next weekend. We will be taking the last contribution on Thursday. 30th June 2016. Get more details >>

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Alhamdulillah. For the first week of this project, we have raised contributions for 100 families in Chertial Thum Village in Cambodia. We would like to thank the contributors of this project, may Allah swt reward you with abundance of rezeki, health and happiness in this world and after.


The following are the contributors for this project.


The next distribution will be this coming weekend at a different village. We welcome more contributions from you. >>


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Alhamdulillah, the progress on the development of Wakf Mount Tosari has been ahead of schedule. Currently Imam at Mt Tosari, Ustaz Syamsul have updated us that they are already building the second level of the madrasah. Rooftops are also in progress. See photos shown below.


Ustaz Syamsul at the from door of the Madarasah.


Base of 3rd floor in progress.

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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

Blessed month of Ramadan, here we would like to update you on the progress of Wakf Madrasah Darul Ulum Addiniyah, Cambodia which we have helped to fundraise for recently.

We are please to report that the Madrasah is 85% completed. You may see the progress below from April to May 2016. Our representatives have been flying over there monthly to check upon the progress to ensure that everything goes well. Insyallah.


Above are photos taken in April 2016.

9_5 20_5

Above photos taken in early May.

28_5 28_5(2)Above photos taken in late May while doing the paint job.

By the end of Ramadan, we are expecting the interiors to be done insyallah.

More updates soon.


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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

For those who just subscribed to this newsletter, here’s a little background of this project. In December 2015, we raised about $30,000 SGD for this wakf project. And as advised by our advisors to give out the amount to the beneficiary in phases. In January 2016, we made the first trip to hand over the first 100 million rupiah ( Equivalent to $10,150 – after currency exchange ). Just a few weeks ago, our team went up again on the 19th April 2016, to handover the next 100 million rupiah for this development. This project is expected to complete by January 2017.

We are glad to share with you the progress of this development.

Above: An overview shot using a Drone. Courtesy of Hoppipolla.

Here is our co-founder Fazli Mansor (on the left) and Ustaz Syamsul (Imam Mt Tosari).

Alhamdulillah, we can see that this project is way ahead of its time and is already 50% completed.

Handing over the second batch of 100 million rupiah.

The team stayed overnight up there and had a trip to Mt Bromo after solat subuh which was just beside Mt Tosari. They returned to Singapore on 21st of April 2016.

Above: Faizola Nordin from Hoppipolla taking a selfie during the walk up to Mt Bromo.

The next trip to Mt Tosari will be in September 2016, together with the Qurban team.

If you are keen to follow us for the Qurban trip in September, do check out from Ramadan onwards as we update the site for details.

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In the previous post, Ustaz Syamsul, Imam Mt Tosari presented us the photos where they were levelling the land.

Just a few days back, he sent the following photos of the structure being build. We are please to see the progress in the short time.

pic1 pic2

pic3 pic4

May Allah swt ease their difficulties to build this Madrasah.

Insyallah, this Madrasah will be ready by January 2017.

FYI. We no longer accept wakifs for this Madrasah as we have reached the target.
There will be other Madrasah or Musollahs in different areas of the world. Wait for our updates.

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On 16th January 2016, the infaq meat was delivered to Masjid Al Firdaus. The recipient was JPM Jurong West whom had their event the next day to cater for 500 people.


Meat delivered by HEZOM PTE LTD and pass on to Mr Abdul Kader (above left), one of the board members for LPM Jurong West ( Soon to be known as Masjid Maarof). On the right (Fadzuli Wahab, Co Founder


Mr Abdul Kader had requested each kilo of meat to be cut to 10 pieces, hence all these was done in Hezom’s kitchen before being delivered here.

By now, the certificates would have already reached to all that have performed Aqiqah, Nazar and Sponsors for this Dec Project. If you have not received the certs, please email to

Project Name: Aqiqah/Nazar/Sponsor Meat from Australia (Dec 2015)

ISLAMICSG NETWORKS LLP ( ( Promotions & Marketing Agency)
Hezom Pte Ltd ( Logistic and Meat Suppliers)

Masjid Khadijah
LPM Jurong West

What’s next?

Unlike Aqiqah in Indonesia, Aqiqah Australia Project is done every 3 months and the meat can be flown back to Singapore for own majlis or used to feed the poor.

For this coming March 2016, the beneficiary that we have chosen is a charity registered organisation – FREE FOOD FOR ALL. Managed by Mr Nizar.

Free Food for All (FFFA) is a strictly non-profit private organization focussing on providing Free Halal Meals to the less fortunate, regardless of race or religion. They are a registered Charity UEN No : 201503391Z.

Mr Nizar, the founder of FFFA was running a shipping logistic business before he decided to dwelve full time in the Charity, sometime in 2014. In his journey, he found out that there were many senior citizens, lower income poor families that were hungry, almost on a daily basis in Singapore. Whilst we can’t really see such of the community, they do exist and are trying to live day by day.

Mr Nizar shared an incident where an elderly handicapped lady who lived in a single room rental unit had to resort to signalling her neighbours with a pole out her window, just to get assistance to get her food. Her husband had passed away many years ago and she did not have any children of her own. Being in her 80’s she suffered many illness and often unable to do much as she is wheel chair bound. However since then, she has gotten help from the neighbours and her meals are taken care of. Senior citizens in single room rented flats, single moms, lower income families where their income levels are below the lines to reasonably survive in costly Singapore.

Since Nov 2014, FFFA has provided close to 70,000 meals on a regular basis. The beneficiaries are spread across Singapore however many more locations needs such assistance. FFFA aims to be able to prepare and distribute 10,000 meals by mid 2016.

Through this project, how does it help FREE FOOD FOR ALL?

Through the Aqiqah/Nazar/Sponsorship project, FREE FOOD FOR ALL can receive the sponsored meat and hence reduce their cost of preparing the meals. Most of the protein provided are either Chicken or Fish based as they are not able to afford Mutton due to cost reasons. By providing the mutton, they can possibly cut their meal cost from $ 2.00 to $ 1.50 per meal.

What are we aiming for?

FFFA requires at least 20kg of meat per week. We told Mr Nizar we would attempt to target 1 year supply of meat which is equivalent to 20 kg x 4 weeks x 12 months = 960 kg  of meat. This would help the organization to provide more food to the less fortunate and assist them in lowering their costs.

How about chipping in?

If you have a newborn, you may consider this Aqiqah package and have some of the meat send to your place while the rest can be donated for this cause.

If you have a nazar, you can also use this option and donate all the meat to the beneficiary.

Or you can sponsor the meat by kilos. Get more details by clicking the link here.

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Alhamdulillah. Project Wakf Tosari have begun. Ustaz Syamsul have been kind enough to send us how the building will turn out. Here’s to share with everyone. 3

With the support of the community around the village, the project has begun.

156193_1019930994746003_5967655772541832697_n 12075065_1019931164745986_6909364977911850113_n 12417708_1019931408079295_6040649509911525307_n 12512692_1019931074745995_8641036103563454947_n


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In the name of Allah the most merciful and kind. Selawat and salam to Rasulullah saw, his family, his companions and the scholars of yesterday and today that have spread the Islamic Knowledge to us.

Alhamdulillah. Projek Wakf Madrasah Tosari managed to raise more than $30,000 in a span of 2 weeks in December 2015. Honestly we didn’t expect to raise the funds so fast.

As part of the amanah we had send our co-founder Fazli Mansor and our staff Khairul Anwar to Mount Tosari last week on the 6th of January 2016 to handover the 1st portion of the funds raised.

For those who are not familiar with this project. Here’s a background.

For the last 3 years, Mt Tosari is one of the distribution point for our Qurban project. Only last year (2015), the Imam, Ustaz Syamsul shared with us about about the need to get support to build a madrasah and Quran centre there.

Currently the madrasah classes are run in his home. As the numbers grew there is a need of a proper madrasah built for this purpose.

And when we came back from the Qurban project, we decided to take action on this and helped raised funds for this project. And as mention, within 2 weeks the funds was raised.

This is only the 1st trip out of 4 trips planned to monitor this project. Instead of just giving the whole sum of money, we were advised to give partially first and give more as the development goes.

Hence the 2nd trip will be in May 2016 just before Ramadhan. The 3rd trip will be in September 2016 during Qurban and finally in January 2017 and we hope to see the completed Madrasah by then.


Above: Ustaz Syamsul signing the agreement. His assistant holding up the wakf names.

If you are keen to follow us on these trips, let us know and we can get back to you on this matter.

Email to

More photos are on Facebook >> 

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Alhamdulillah. A total of 792 kg of meat have been received for the Aqiqah, Nazar and Sponsored Meat project for this Dec 2015.

Aqiqah and Nazar have been performed on the 21st Dec 2015 and meat have been flown over to Singapore on the 23rd December.

Here’s a photo taken when the meat arrived @ Hezom’s kitchen to be sliced to smaller pieces according to Masjid’s requirements.


The break down:

7 families have performed Aqiqah and requested the meat to be delivered to their own homes for their own Majlis and the rest of the meat will be distributed to Masjid Khadijah for the Nasi Amal project this 26th & 27th December and also to Masjid Maarof (JPM Jurong West) on 16th Jan 2016 for the Mawlid at Masjid Al Firdaus.

Delivery to Home 7 Homes – schedule 23 Dec to 27 Dec 2015 106 kg
Deliver to Masjid Maarof  Schedule on 16th  Jan 2016 @ 11am 108 kg
Deliver to Masjid Khadijah  Schedule on 26th Dec 2015 @ 7am 578 kg

When the meat arrived in Singapore, they come in big chunks. In the Hezom kitchen, they will be cut into smaller pieces according to requirements given by the individual mosque.

meat2 meat3

On behalf of the Masjids and the organisers of this project, we would like to express our gratitude to all that have contributed. We hope to see more coming forward in the next projects.

If you wish to perform Aqiqah on Sunnah dates, we can help you perform in Indonesia. Please refer to

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