Aqiqah, Nazar & Sponsored Meat from Australia (Dec 2015)


Alhamdulillah. A total of 792 kg of meat have been received for the Aqiqah, Nazar and Sponsored Meat project for this Dec 2015.

Aqiqah and Nazar have been performed on the 21st Dec 2015 and meat have been flown over to Singapore on the 23rd December.

Here’s a photo taken when the meat arrived @ Hezom’s kitchen to be sliced to smaller pieces according to Masjid’s requirements.


The break down:

7 families have performed Aqiqah and requested the meat to be delivered to their own homes for their own Majlis and the rest of the meat will be distributed to Masjid Khadijah for the Nasi Amal project this 26th & 27th December and also to Masjid Maarof (JPM Jurong West) on 16th Jan 2016 for the Mawlid at Masjid Al Firdaus.

Delivery to Home 7 Homes – schedule 23 Dec to 27 Dec 2015 106 kg
Deliver to Masjid Maarof  Schedule on 16th  Jan 2016 @ 11am 108 kg
Deliver to Masjid Khadijah  Schedule on 26th Dec 2015 @ 7am 578 kg

When the meat arrived in Singapore, they come in big chunks. In the Hezom kitchen, they will be cut into smaller pieces according to requirements given by the individual mosque.

meat2 meat3

On behalf of the Masjids and the organisers of this project, we would like to express our gratitude to all that have contributed. We hope to see more coming forward in the next projects.

If you wish to perform Aqiqah on Sunnah dates, we can help you perform in Indonesia. Please refer to


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